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Halifax is Wonderful

Here we are on the East Coast enjoying the local atmosphere. People over here are incredibly friendly and also quite generous.



I Played during the Halifax Buskers Festival and had such a blast that I have decided to spend and extra weekend here.




Music is She Mastered

You have probably heard this song a few times if you visited my site during its auto play era. RIP auto play.

This is Music Is She, which is a punch in freestyle I did with Randy Ponzio in his home studio with a beat done by David Morin before he died. Mastering and Mixing by Konrad Igor Czaplak.

Right Click Here And Download: Music is She.mp3

RIP Randy Ponzio


After watching a great hockey game were the Canucks won the Conference final, and will now be going to the STANLEY CUP FINAL(for all you non Canadians this is a really big deal) me and David Morin hit Granville street for some busking and had had huge crowds all night long. Pictures will be up soon of that and hopefully someone will send me some video. If you were there and got any pictures or video please throw me an email at mcun1music@gmail.com

Today I’m back in the studio working on the album and I’m really excited to finish this project. I think you are all going to like it. I also have a great opportunity tomorrow at fabric night club(see post below) in a freestyle positive cypher battle. Please come out and support! In the meantime, check this video from the Newtown festival in Australia here to hold you over: