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Halifax is Wonderful

Here we are on the East Coast enjoying the local atmosphere. People over here are incredibly friendly and also quite generous.



I Played during the Halifax Buskers Festival and had such a blast that I have decided to spend and extra weekend here.




Working In The Studio And Recording New Canadian Music

Hey everyone. If you have unable to find me recently, it is because I am currently laying low and recording music from my home studio. Writing new songs, and getting them the way I want them to sound. Trying to create some new Canadian Music, Hip Hop that isn’t about guns. I look forward to sharing some of this music, but it isn’t ready for you all yet, so you are going to have to wait. Since it has been so long since I have posted, I thought I would ask what you have been up to. Write a comment and tell me what your big ambitions and goals are, and what you are doing to achieve them in 2014.


Back In Vancouver

Glad to be back in Vancouver, Canada. Had a great journey all around North America, but I am glad to be home for the holiday season. I was excited to play as show at the Anza club upon my return to support a friend of mine who had been in a terrible paragliding accident. I am currently working on my album again, and am excited to be making solid progress. Sorry to everyone for a serious lack of updates during the trip, just too much going on, I am making an effort to get back into doing posts weekly. Hope everyone is doing well! Photo Credit: Dave Tresham