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Un-1 Performs Today at Vancity Glass!

Come down and check the show, I will be performing from 2pm on outside, and then around 10:30 pm inside. Come check the show and support this very cool venue:

Facebook Event Page


Un-1 and David Morin on the Radio!!

Check out this podcast of David Morin and I being on Coop Radio, 100.5 FM. What a fun time. They played our music, we did a freestyle and were interviewed. Check it out:
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David Morin and Un-1 on the Radio
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A Sick Rock Band Wrote A Song About Me!

The Band Cry Of Silence wrote this song about my life busking on streets. Pretty awesome so I figured it deserved a post. This part makes me laugh “They could spit on your face, they could spray you with mace but don’t ever let them take away your voice” Tell me what you think in the comments bellow.