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Un-1 singing his new song, more than beautiful.

This week I had a great show and some awesome busking. I have been working hard in the studio and am very pleased with the progress that I’m making. I wanted to remind you to like my facebook fan page and follow me on twitter. you can do so on the floating social buttons on the left. I will leave you with this video and I hope your week is lovely. cheers.

Un-1 Fights The City Of Vancouver

Street Entertainment In Vancouver Stopped By The City

Some of you may have heard that this week the City Of Vancouver’s Engineering department confiscated my permit for playing at 79db at 20 feet(suppose to be measured at 30), only slightly louder than a quite conversation, or about the volume of a dial tone of a phone. It makes me wonder what the point of having a busking permit is, if I can’t play loud enough for people to hear me. After the engineers took my permit(Claude and Steve) they called the police on me as I was now an illegal busker. The police politely explained that if I continued to play and was caught that I could be fined 250 dollars per incident and that after enough incidence an arrest warrant would be issued, and I would have jail time, and they would confiscate my instruments.

This seems both over the top and disrespectful. How is it that our city can have a huge crack problem, and a huge problem with gang violence, yet buskers making music for the people are a focus to stop? Shouldn’t these resources be focused on building safe, and better communities, just like busking does. Shouldn’t we allow people to hear messages of love to remind them of why they shouldn’t be violent? Why can’t our city staff learn what it takes to move away from this no fun city label we seem to be cultivating. When will Vancouver start to care for its arts and culture?

Well regardless, an artist doesn’t stop performing because a government body tells him not too, and rest assured, I will continue playing.

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Thursday the 10th, I will be performing at Guilt and Co in Gastown. Cover is by donation with a 5 dollar suggested donation.

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Un-1 Performs Live At Guilt & Co This Thursday!

Come on down this Thursday as I play a live set with the Foundation Band at Guilt & Co between 9pm and 12am. Great vibe, great music, beautiful women, tasty drinks and good souls. What more could you ask for? Suggested donation of 5$ dollars entry. bring a friend down and come take in the atmosphere.

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