Monthly Archives: March 2012


Lithium-Ion Battery Pack In the Mail!

Very excited to announce that soon I will no longer be lugging 200 pounds of batteries, instead it will be a glorious 7 pounds! Purely excited to finally cut down the bulk of my busking equipments weight. Check out what these Lithium cells look like that I am ordering:

These cells are a high quality type of lithium-Ion that is from Korea. I will update you when I receive the package and start building the battery pack! Thank you to for supporting Un-1 Music.


The Anza Club Grand Re-Openning

The Anza Club, one of Vancouver’s premier music venues, has gone through a major face lift. The club invested in a 100, 000 dollar renovation that completely upgraded the feeling up of the upstairs room, providing a wicked atmosphere for shows and improving this already stellar venue for music. So after this major investment, tonight will be the grand re-opening of the Anza Club, and a wicked open mic night. Check out The Anza Clubs Website here


Ian Fm Puts On A Sick Show At Main Street Live

This last Main Street Live was such an awesome event. As usual, I was excited to see my friends on stage. One set was so different and innovative, I just had to post this video of my man Ian Fm. His combination of beat box, loop sampling, and the use of live you tube sampling has a unique flavor, combining a wide verity of vibes and styles. His beat box sound bank or vocabulary if you will, has recently grown significantly as has his clarity.

I am excited to be working with this artist in the near future. Make sure you check out his music here