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Un-1 Returns From Hiatus

You may have noticed there hasn’t been an update or un-1 webcast for a bit.  I have been fighting a cold, and working towards being able to play music on the street once more.
I’m excited to inform you that i am on the love album, an album devoted to raise money for the children of the recently passed Randy Ponzio.  it has some great artists on it like Shad K, David Morin and Tonye Aganaba.  you can donate and download from Here The Love Album
Due to having been absent, i will be releasing several updates this week.  Hope everyone is well.


A short video Snippet

Here is a little clip from The Un-1 at 1 Daily. Just a sample of chill flow. filmed by RDM Photography.

Comment and tell me what you think! How can I improve the Un-1 at 1 Daily? Let me know!


Main Street Live

Come check out this show, tickets have been selling very well, its gonna be packed, and its going to sell out, so please get at me for tickets. Door is 15, tickets are 10. You can Contact me at 604-374-1846.

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