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Un-1 Now Does A Daily Webcast, The Un-1 Daily

In attempt to provide more interactive content for the fans, Un-1 has decided to incorporate web-casting into the webpage. Web-casting will give you a live freestyle musical experience where you can live interact with Un-1 and friends from your living room. Today’s webcast will start at 1pm. Webcasts will now be Everyday at 1pm. You can watch it here, though I suggest you go to for a better viewing experience.

Musical Freestyle Entertainment
1 Hour shows Everyday at 1pm PST.



Un-1 in End Of The Week

Last year Un-1 competed in the end of the week Freestyle contest. These are a couple of the videos from that contest:
Object Bag Freestyle:

Freestyle on one of your beats:


New Live Webcam Music Broadcasts For Personalized Shows!

So Now I will be able to perform for you! Just give me a call by pressing the blue “call me” button below when im online, turn your volume up, and enjoy live freestyles, songs, and instrumental performances by Un-1 and friends. I promise to do my very best to brighten your day and bring you smiles.

If you enjoy the show, make sure you contribute to support a musician on the rise. Thank you.

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