Monthly Archives: June 2011

A Computer Geek Freestyle

Check out my friend Randy Ponzio of the Quest Poetics and myself, Un-1 freestyling about computers and Computer Tech. Giving shout outs to Leo Laporte for his You Tube channel that helps people learn about computers.

Sending out love to everyone.

Lets Leave Game 5 On A Positive Note

This was some footage of me performing 15 minutes before the arrest. I figured that I would leave that evening with a positive context. I’m excited about recently having my music in a movie, but I can’t tell you the details yet!

Also have an EP press coming very briefly and have started work on my next album. Hope you enjoy the video. One Love.

Vancouver Canucks Riot

What an embarrassing situation! As a musician who works everyday on the street in an attempt to develop community spirit and promote peace and love, I feel like this has been 10 steps backwards for our city. I will be getting down on to the streets this week with the attempt to re-establish positive vibes and make fun of riot/looting idiots. I hope none of my fans where involved as I completely ashamed that this happened in my beautiful city.

We can do better. Lets show the world together.

Check this video of the day after I was arrested. before the retarded riot. Ill have a video up about that soon.

PS. Spoke with Vancouver City Hall Engineering department, and there was no bylaw for busking during the games. The police lied. I am watching you VPD!!!