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Un-1 Is Finishing Up The Album

Hey all, so, I’ve been hard at work on the album, trying to finish it up! I am excited to bring you guys another Sunday update, and let you know the album is almost finished and soon will be off to mastering. I hope summer is coming soon, I know many Vancouverites are sick of the rain.

Lots of love to everyone, I got this video of me in summer on Granville making some beats and free-styling to give you a little summer flavor. Check it out:


After watching a great hockey game were the Canucks won the Conference final, and will now be going to the STANLEY CUP FINAL(for all you non Canadians this is a really big deal) me and David Morin hit Granville street for some busking and had had huge crowds all night long. Pictures will be up soon of that and hopefully someone will send me some video. If you were there and got any pictures or video please throw me an email at

Today I’m back in the studio working on the album and I’m really excited to finish this project. I think you are all going to like it. I also have a great opportunity tomorrow at fabric night club(see post below) in a freestyle positive cypher battle. Please come out and support! In the meantime, check this video from the Newtown festival in Australia here to hold you over:

Extra release update of love for all

Hello all! I wanted to make a weekend release to let you know this Thursday the 26th I will be performing In anti-battle freestyle competition called end of the week where positive vibes are the focus of the night. I already won the first round and if I win this second round between myself, junk, manik, and Ham -E- the Northern Mic I’ll travel to battle to Toronto to compete there. If I where to win the Canadian finals I would get to perform at the world freestyle competition in Paris France where competitors flight from all around the world to compete.. Door is 10 dollars and it promises to be a wicked night. Now part of it is judged by crowd response, so if there was ever a time to support this would be it.

Location: fabric night club
66 Water Street, Vancouver

I also still need votes at so please support.

Thank you so much everyone!
One love!