Monthly Archives: April 2011

Something is coming!

I have this video that I am really excited to share with everyone,   it will be coming out this upcoming Wednesday.   I was hoping to try to fit it into this weeks post but it didn’t work out.  I had a wicked week watching the Canucks kick butt, and got lucky and won the End Of The Week Cypher.  Now I go up against other MC’s in a final next month, the winner of which will be flown to Toronto to compete there.  If you win in Toronto then you get flown all expenses to Paris for the world competition.    The concept of it is positive cyphers.  The final will be at Fabric Night Club, 66 water street, Vancouver on Thursday May 26th.  Come down and help support!

I have been playing my guitar a fair bit, as I just got back home to my acoustic.  Really loving being back in Vancouver, with great moments in the woods, wonderful tokes with friends, and great jams all around.

For now to hold you over here is a video of me at Bondi Beach Back in Australia and I added some pictures to the pictures section.

Back on Granville

I’m getting back to the music on Granville, and it’s good to see the people of Vancouver. Now that I have had time to settle into returning I’m starting to book and organize shows, finish recording on my new album and organizing my next tour. Check out of these photos of me and David Morin jamming on Granville last night.

Photos by Bruce Bachand



Back in Vancouver

I’m back in Vancouver, sorry about the late update this week, I celebrated my birthday on Wednesday and have been in transit since.

Ill be getting back to the studio soon, and I’m looking forward to it.

For the next few days I Will be catching up with homies, ridding bikes and making music.

More to come next week, much love.