Monthly Archives: March 2011

Remember this?

Last summer, the DBIA, The city of Vancouver, and myself (Un-1) got together to make some great shows on Granville Street, and develop a busking environment that would help arts and culture grow in the Vancouver area. Check out this article that was in the Province here(article removed).

Exciting news, I have been hired to work during the St Kilda Busking Festival this upcoming Sunday April 3rd, check the St Kilda Busking Festival Here.

As well I have been hired for the Smart Arts festival in Sydney, and will be performing there on the 15th of April. Check out the Smart Arts Festival Here.

I have uploaded some new pictures and updated the calendar. Keep posted for new content every week!

Thinking Of Home From Melbourne

Hello all, I have been working away in Melbourne, and decided this week to take it easy and enjoy some biking and sights.  As such, I thought I would shoot you a video from Van City on Granville Street like a Simpson’s memories episode.  Check this video of me and David Morin, jamming together as Those Guys.  Look forward to doing more shows with David, and you should check out his music here.

David and I have plans to play together again once I return to Canada.  Looking forward to it.

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