Monthly Archives: February 2011

Un-1 Writes From Adelaide.

Traveling Australia has had its challenges with highs and lows throughout. Tribulations have come from many direction assembled by distance from home, the difficulty of learning how to live and perform in different cities, the loneliness attributed to the short term relationships of touring and the highs and lows of financial situations.

Through a few difficulties some wonderful positives have occurred and wonderful moments had. I have had the opportunity to play a dozen or so gigs, and played on the street a large amount. I have improved beat boxing/guitar/saxophone/free-styling and I can see my fan base growing. I have gotten to surf on sandy beaches with aqua marine water and incredible waves, and I have had to sleep outside on park benches. I have gotten to fall in love with a wonderful girl who shared an honest kiss in the rain with me, but then I had to say goodbye to her. I have made great friends, and have been attacked on the street.

Throughout all of this one thing has remained unbelievably clear. The people who support and listen to my music have certainly helped me continue along my path, and have been a source of strength, so I thank you for this.

It is the bitter sweet that we fall in love with. I am in love with music, both the highs and the lows.

Thinking of home, check this video of me and Quest Poetics in the forests near Vancouver.

St Kilda Festival

Un-1 had a great time at St Kilda Festival and hopes to perform on stage at the event in future.

Video of Un-1 Jamming at St Kilda Festival filmed by a fan:

Live Audio Recording of Performance at St Kilda Festival:
Saint Kilda by un-1