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Long Days Long Nights Featuring Atma

God Is A Fiction

Un-1 rearranged the letters on this church sign.

Check out this new track recorded at the studio of Quest Poetics with Atma. Beat Production by David Morin Music.


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Long Days Long Nights by un-1

Un-1 Invades Mcdonalds

Check out this video of Un-1 at the Bondi Beach Mcdonalds, in Sydney Australia.

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Studio Sessions with Quest Poetics

Jamming, Photo By Andrew Hutchinson

During the studio sessions with Randy Ponzio of the Quest Poetics, Un-1 recorded what he feels are the best tracks he has recorded. During these recording sessions Randy was incredibly patient as the creation process was a combination of freestyle, writing and creative punching. Due to time and financial restrictions, the recordings had to be cut short by Un-1. Many thank yous to Randy of the Quest Poetics for his efforts dedicated to this project. Un-1 will certainly work with him again in the future.

Here is one of the tracks recorded during these sessions.
Beat production by David Morin Music.

You are the People In Control

You Are The People In Control by un-1